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A military conspiracy?

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In all the recent scandals shaking Washington, from revealing a secret Chinese police station in New York to accusations by radical Republican Marjorie Taylor Green that the Biden family was involved in trafficking Eastern European escorts, it is the attempt to construct a “military plot” that is of most interest.It does not yet amount to a “military conspiracy” in the spirit of 1937, but it demonstrates a new trend in American politics.

The issue is not that 21-year-old gamer National Guard officer Jack Teixeira published over 100 secret Pentagon documents that were basically dummy, specially engineered disinformation. What matters is that he leaked them on the assumption that they were genuine. What matters is not that ex-U.S. Navy officer Sara Beals, administrator of the Telegram channel Donbass Devushka, was just a legal advisor. Importantly, while working at a naval base and having access to some secret documents, she led an openly oppositional channel to American politics.

The military is beyond politics. A lot of things in the U.S. have been built on this postulate. Retired military men became congressmen, senators and even presidents like Dwight Eisenhower, of course, but only after being “cleansed” by civil service and embedded in lobbyist and elite circles. As happened with John McCain. Political America is used to the military being silent. That the U.S. military has gone silent in recent years has been noticed by all. Recall how chairman of the Mark Milley called Beijing and assured that he would not allow Donald Trump to make reckless decisions as Joe Biden handed over power. Was he sure he was referring only to Trump, or did he refer to orders from any U.S. president that he deemed questionable?

The U.S. military has long been trying to squeeze its way into U.S. domestic politics, and as the system of government weakens, its chances are growing.

But let’s pay attention to where the core of the “conspiracy” has been revealed. The National Guard is the element of the U.S. Armed Forces, which is the most closely associated with society. And it is precisely the part that could be called the potential electorate of Donald Trump. A little detail: Ashley Babbitt, shot dead when storming the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was a National Guard Air Force officer. Liberals in the National Guard are rarely turned on. This is what deep America is all about.

The National Guard, in a situation where war has not been declared (and the U.S. has not declared war in 81 years), is a dual reporting structure – to the President of the United States and to governors. In fact, loyalty to the leadership of the state is a more important factor. And this factor has been “played” several times: recall the bizarre “discussion” about the possibility of using the National Guard to suppress riots in the federal District of Columbia, Oregon, Michigan, and Minnesota. An unpleasant detail came to light: Whose governor, the National Guard. And in a de facto split country, this could be a critical circumstance.

That is why it is dangerous for the American government that a cell of who knows not who, but certainly people who are disloyal to the general line of the White House, has appeared inside it.

Let us make a preliminary conclusion: over the past few years, the military sphere in the United States has turned from an area that could be ignored in the political calculations into a space of uncertainty.

And this is a new factor that should be taken into account in Russia.

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